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Hey guys! Today I am going to talk about the Minecraft mini-game VampireZ. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose whether to start out as a vampire or human. However, if you choose to start as a vampire, chances are slim that you will actually be one since only 3-5 players start as vampires. There are usually around 25 people in each game. The aim of the game for the vampires is to hunt down and kill all of the humans. There are also waves of zombies helping out the vampires by trying to kill the humans. Once you die as a human, you become a vampire. The aim of the game for the humans is to try to hide from the vampires until the game is over. When playing the game as a human you have blindness which limits some of your ability to see. But, if you play the game as a vampire, you have perfect vision. The game is only about 10 minutes long. The humans start out with only a wooden sword. The vampires start out with a vampire tooth. (This is is a ghast tear with a level 3 enchantment of sharpness that was renamed “Vampire Tooth”.) For the humans, after around 1-1 1/2 minutes, they get points to spend in their shop. Vampires are similar except they get more points sooner. In the shop, humans can buy food and equipment like armor and weapons. In the shop, vampires can buy abilities like being able to fly, a jump boost, and strength boost. If the vampires are able to kill all of the humans, they win. But, if at least one human is able to survive the 10 minutes, the humans win. In my experience, the vampires usually win. I also think that being a vampire is more fun than being a human. Here is a VampireZ map:

VampireZ Map(

This is the view from a vampire’s perspective:

VampireZ vampire(

This is the view from a human’s perspective:

VampireZ human(


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