Minecraft Furniture Ideas

Hello guys! Today I am going to give a few Minecraft furniture ideas. To make furniture in Minecraft, you just have to use certain blocks to make objects that look like real-life furniture.

Furniture #1 – Couch

To make a couch, all you need is two half slabs for the seat and six blocks of your choice for the back and sides. You can also extend the couch by just making it longer with more slabs and blocks. Here is a couch:


Furniture #2 – Table

All you need to make a table is two pressure plates (table top), two fences (table legs), and four stairs (two for each seat). The table can also be extended. Put it together like this:


Furniture #3 – Mirror

To make a mirror all you have to do is make two rooms that image each other. Then put glass or ice in between them. I have not personally done this but it looks pretty easy Like this:

Mirror( Mirror1(

Furniture #4 – Bed

All you need to make a bed is three quartz slabs (pillows), six wool of your choice (bedspread), and three blocks (mattress under pillows). The three blocks go underneath the quartz slabs. Build it like this:

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Tips & Tricks #5

Hello Minecraftians! I’m going to share a few more tips and tricks.

Tip #1 – You only need two buckets of water for an infinite water source.

An infinite water source is where you can take water out  from one water block using a bucket, and then it just refills itself from the water blocks next to it. First, mine a 1 by 3 by 1 hole in the ground. Then, place two buckets of water as the picture shows, and you will have an infinite water source. This is useful for the Skyblock mini-game since you have limited resources.

Infinite Water Source(

Tip #2 – Make a cobblestone base around your Nether portal in the Nether.

In the Nether, Ghasts can’t destroy cobblestone blocks with their fireballs, but they can disable portals. Build a base made of cobblestone around the portal you came through in order to protect it from the Ghasts.

Cobblestone Base around Nether Portal(

Tip #3 – X-ray vision

Trying to find a cave, but haven’t had any luck? Just push a glowstone block into your head. This sounds very violent, but all you have to do is put a glowstone block on the end of a piston and activate it so that the glowstone block goes into your head. When you do this, you can see everything underground.

X-Ray Glitch(

Tip#4 – Fireplace

Do you have a home built out of wood, but want a fireplace? No problem! Most of the time, when you build a house out of wood and light a fireplace, it will burn down, but all you have to do is experiment. To do this, recreate the area of the house that you want the fireplace in and test different ways to build a fireplace. Experiment with different materials that don’t light on fire in order to find a suitable fireplace that won’t burn your house down. Don’t let your house turn into this:



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Tips & Tricks #4

Hey guys! Today’s blog is about some more tips & tricks.

Tip #1 – Lava Traps

Have you ever wanted traps around your base against mobs? Just put down four pressure plates with lava in the middle like so:

Lava Trap(


Tip #2 – Never put a pressure plate outside a door.

If you put a pressure plate outside a door like this…

Pressure Plate Door(


…mobs can step on the pressure plate, open the door, and walk in your base.

Tip #3 – Water to get seeds

A good way to get seeds or harvest your farm is to put water on your farm. This destroys all of the grass or wheat and gives you the resources from it (i.e. harvested wheat and seeds). You can also use this to make an automatic farm by putting a water bucket in a dispenser and activate it by a redstone signal. This will place the water on the ground, and it will flow on to all of the wheat in your farm.



Tip #4 – Torches in a Cave

When you put torches down in a cave, always put them on the right side so that when you need to get out of the cave, you can just follow the torches on the left side.

Torches in Cave(


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Tips & Tricks #3

Hello Minecraftians! This blog is about some tips and tricks you might not have known.

Tip #1 – Bring a Chest

Always bring a chest whenever you go mining. Your inventory might get full with items that you don’t want to throw away.  A chest stores extra items you do not want to keep in your inventory but might want later.

Don’t be this guy with no chest:
Inventory Full(


Tip #2 – Moat

Build a moat around your house/fort to stop monsters. Never fill the moat with water because monsters will just swim across it. Your best choice is to fill it with lava as long as your house is not made out of wood.

Lava Moat(


Tip #3 – Bring a Door Underwater

Bring a door whenever you are trying to get sand, clay, or gravel underwater because the door allows an air space next to it since it doesn’t take up an entire block. That means you can go next to the door and get air so that you do not drown while you are gathering resources.

Door Underwater(


Tip #4 – Bunk Beds

If you don’t have enough room for two beds, and you and your friend are living together, make bunk beds. To make bunk beds, place two blocks down and then place the bed on top of the blocks. This will be the top bed. Then destroy the two blocks and put a bed where the blocks were. This is the bottom bed.

Bunk Beds(


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Tips & Tricks #2

Hey guys, today I am going to give you some more tips and tricks.

Tip #1 – Snowballs for Killing Blazes

Snowballs will hurt blazes. However, if you try to hurt a person with a snowball, it doesn’t hurt him, but it deals knockback. Snowballs are the best weapon against blazes if you don’t have a bow and arrow.

Blaze Getting Hurt by Snowball (

Tip #2 – Wooden Slabs DO NOT Burn

If you want your house to look like it is made out of wooden planks, but your house is near lava or your friend likes to light things on fire, just make it out of wooden slabs. Wooden slabs do not burn no matter what and look the same as wooden planks.

Wooden Slabs Don't Burn (

Tip #3 – Burning Saplings

Most people throw away their extra saplings. They are throwing away free fuel for a furnace! Yep, you heard me. One sapling will only cook half of an item, but if you have a stack of saplings, that would smelt half of a stack of anything.

Smelting with Saplings

Tip #4 – Never Try to Blow Up Bedrock

Have you ever tried to blow up bedrock, and it didn’t work? The reason why it didn’t work is because bedrock is indestructible. So, stop wasting your TNT. If you see something that looks like this, don’t try to blow it up.

Bedrock (


Also, I got these really cool posters for Christmas to hang in my room in our new house:

IMG_3661 IMG_3664


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Basic Tips


Hey guys, today’s blog will be about some basic tips and tricks.

Tip #1 – Easier Sand (or gravel) Farming

To farm sand or gravel really quickly, make a tower of one of the two resources and place a torch underneath the bottom block. All of the blocks will fall on the torch and break.

Sand Farming with Torch


Tip #2 – Peaceful Mode

If you don’t have a house or are starving to death, you can just change the game to peaceful mode. In peaceful mode, you don’t need to eat food and you automatically re-heal. Also, no monsters will spawn at night.

Peaceful Mode(


Tip #3 – Wood Cutting

Can’t reach that last log at the top of the tree? When you start cutting down the tree, don’t cut the bottom block. This way, if there is a block that you cannot reach, you can jump onto the bottom block.

Cutting Wood(


Tip #4 – Farms

Whenever you build a farm of some sort, always put fences or cobblestone walls around it. Mobs will fall on the plants, which breaks them, and you have to replant it (unless the plant is a fully grown pumpkin or melon).


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#1 Rule of Mining

NEVER MINE STRAIGHT DOWN! AND, NEVER MINE UP WITHOUT BEING PREPARED! If you mine straight down, you could fall into lava, fall into a monster-filled cave, or take fall damage. When mining down, stand on two blocks at a time, so that when you break one, you don’t fall. This way, one block is always there to catch you. If you mine straight up, there are chances of lava flowing onto you, water drowning you, or exposing yourself to the outside world where monsters are waiting to kill you. When mining up, always be ready to place a block in the way of lava or monsters. I have had very bad experiences with mining down. I have had diamonds, gold, iron, and redstone in my inventory and have fallen into a pit of lava or a cave full of monsters causing me to lose all of my items. I have also had bad experiences when mining up. I have had lava fall on top of me, which immediately killed me. I have also had mean players drop on top of me, kill me, and then take all of my stuff. In other words, just don’t mine up or down without being prepared!

Don’t be this guy!

Guy Mining into Lava


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