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Hey guys! Today I am writing about Factions. It is not considered a mini-game because there is no time limit or ending to it, but it is on most servers. It is survival, but you make factions (teams) with other people and make a home base. You also have to try to raid other people’s bases. A lot of bases are covered by obsidian. You can’t break into the bases because factions can claim an area, so people who aren’t part of the faction can’t destroy/build in the claimed land. To destroy obsidian bases, you have to keep shooting them with TNT cannons. Some obsidian bases are also covered in water. This makes the TNT do less damage to the blocks of the base. You will also find a few bases covered in bedrock. This makes it impossible to raid the base. You can usually buy bedrock, but it will be very, very expensive. Most faction servers give you some items to start out with like armor, tools, food, blocks, and weapons. There are also kits that give you these things daily. Most servers allow you to donate for better kits and items. On most servers, there are also auctions run by the server where you can bid or auction your own items. To get money, usually you can vote using a link provided by the server or just sell your items. I think that everyone should at least try the game out. I enjoy it a lot.

This is what a good base looks like on the inside:

Factions Base(

This is a TNT cannon:

TNT Cannon(


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Hey guys! Today I am going to talk about the Minecraft mini-game VampireZ. At the beginning of the game, you have to choose whether to start out as a vampire or human. However, if you choose to start as a vampire, chances are slim that you will actually be one since only 3-5 players start as vampires. There are usually around 25 people in each game. The aim of the game for the vampires is to hunt down and kill all of the humans. There are also waves of zombies helping out the vampires by trying to kill the humans. Once you die as a human, you become a vampire. The aim of the game for the humans is to try to hide from the vampires until the game is over. When playing the game as a human you have blindness which limits some of your ability to see. But, if you play the game as a vampire, you have perfect vision. The game is only about 10 minutes long. The humans start out with only a wooden sword. The vampires start out with a vampire tooth. (This is is a ghast tear with a level 3 enchantment of sharpness that was renamed “Vampire Tooth”.) For the humans, after around 1-1 1/2 minutes, they get points to spend in their shop. Vampires are similar except they get more points sooner. In the shop, humans can buy food and equipment like armor and weapons. In the shop, vampires can buy abilities like being able to fly, a jump boost, and strength boost. If the vampires are able to kill all of the humans, they win. But, if at least one human is able to survive the 10 minutes, the humans win. In my experience, the vampires usually win. I also think that being a vampire is more fun than being a human. Here is a VampireZ map:

VampireZ Map(

This is the view from a vampire’s perspective:

VampireZ vampire(

This is the view from a human’s perspective:

VampireZ human(


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Hello Minecraftians! Today’s blog is about the Minecraft mini-game Skyblock or Skyblock Islands. This is similar to the Minecraft mini-game Skywars, but instead of trying to kill other people, you have to try to survive and thrive on your tiny island. You will also want to expand your island. To begin the game, the server always gives you a little island, a tree, and a starting chest. The normal starting chest has one bucket of lava, two ice blocks, a couple pieces of watermelon, a piece of sugar cane, a normal seed, a pumpkin seed, a red mushroom, a brown mushroom, twelve strings, a bone, and a cactus. The two ice blocks are there to make an infinite water source, and the lava is supposed to be combined with water to make a cobblestone generator. When you mine the tree, which you start with, you need to make sure that you get at least one sapling from it so that you can replant the tree and get more wood. On most servers you can sell and buy things from the server and get money (not real money but money that you can use on the server). You can buy, sell, and trade items with other players by giving them money or other items. Most servers will give you some money to start out with. This is a fun mini-game, but when you play it, chances are you will fall off the edge of your island and die a couple times, but of course, you will spawn back on your island. Because of this, you should not keep very many resources in your inventory.

This is a cobblestone generator:

Cobble Generator(


Here is a very extended island:

Skyblock Island(

Here is the island that you start out with:

Skyblock Island Starter(


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Hunger Games

Hunger Games

There is a Minecraft mini-game called Hunger Games. Now, you are probably thinking, “Oh, it must be like the movie, Hunger Games.” Well, you guessed right. You and 10-50 other people are all coexisting in the same world trying to eliminate each other. Once the game starts, your first task is to get supplies out of all of the chests scattered around the world. Usually, there are chests right next to your starting point. Most servers give you invincibility for around a minute. This gives you enough time to get away from everybody. The objective of the game is to kill all of the other players and be the last one alive. A few servers will allow you to get some extra supplies to start out with. This is very rare for a server to do this and is always a surprise. Hunger Games is a good game, but it can get very competitive. Personally, Hunger Games to me is a very addictive game. You should always limit your time on it because you won’t be able to stop playing it! Everybody should try this mini-game even if you haven’t seen the movie. (I have not seen the movie, and I play the game!)

The world that you play in might look like this:

Hunger Games Arena

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FYI, this is what I was for Halloween:

My Halooween Costume!

This is my costume after I was done doodling on it:

Halloween Costume (Doodled)