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Hello Minecraftians! Today’s blog is about the Minecraft mini-game Skyblock or Skyblock Islands. This is similar to the Minecraft mini-game Skywars, but instead of trying to kill other people, you have to try to survive and thrive on your tiny island. You will also want to expand your island. To begin the game, the server always gives you a little island, a tree, and a starting chest. The normal starting chest has one bucket of lava, two ice blocks, a couple pieces of watermelon, a piece of sugar cane, a normal seed, a pumpkin seed, a red mushroom, a brown mushroom, twelve strings, a bone, and a cactus. The two ice blocks are there to make an infinite water source, and the lava is supposed to be combined with water to make a cobblestone generator. When you mine the tree, which you start with, you need to make sure that you get at least one sapling from it so that you can replant the tree and get more wood. On most servers you can sell and buy things from the server and get money (not real money but money that you can use on the server). You can buy, sell, and trade items with other players by giving them money or other items. Most servers will give you some money to start out with. This is a fun mini-game, but when you play it, chances are you will fall off the edge of your island and die a couple times, but of course, you will spawn back on your island. Because of this, you should not keep very many resources in your inventory.

This is a cobblestone generator:

Cobble Generator(


Here is a very extended island:

Skyblock Island(

Here is the island that you start out with:

Skyblock Island Starter(


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Hello everybody, today I will be talking about my favorite Minecraft mini-game, Skywars! Skywars is a game where everyone is stranded on their own deserted island with a couple chests full of supplies. Usually, there is a big island in the middle of all the other islands, which is full of chests. (Sometimes there is just a single chest in the middle instead of a big island.) For supplies, the chests are full of blocks, weapons, armor, and tools. All the players battle by shooting each other off into the void or building a bridge to the other players’ islands and melee fighting. The last person alive wins! On most Minecraft servers, if you win or kill somebody, you get points to spend in the server shop. Usually, the shop will sell armor, bows & arrows, blocks, and snowballs. On most occasions, if you donate money to the server, you will get kits. A kit is a bunch of supplies you get to start out the next game. This is a great mini-game, and I suggest everyone try it!



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