Factions Opener(

Hey guys! Today I am writing about Factions. It is not considered a mini-game because there is no time limit or ending to it, but it is on most servers. It is survival, but you make factions (teams) with other people and make a home base. You also have to try to raid other people’s bases. A lot of bases are covered by obsidian. You can’t break into the bases because factions can claim an area, so people who aren’t part of the faction can’t destroy/build in the claimed land. To destroy obsidian bases, you have to keep shooting them with TNT cannons. Some obsidian bases are also covered in water. This makes the TNT do less damage to the blocks of the base. You will also find a few bases covered in bedrock. This makes it impossible to raid the base. You can usually buy bedrock, but it will be very, very expensive. Most faction servers give you some items to start out with like armor, tools, food, blocks, and weapons. There are also kits that give you these things daily. Most servers allow you to donate for better kits and items. On most servers, there are also auctions run by the server where you can bid or auction your own items. To get money, usually you can vote using a link provided by the server or just sell your items. I think that everyone should at least try the game out. I enjoy it a lot.

This is what a good base looks like on the inside:

Factions Base(

This is a TNT cannon:

TNT Cannon(


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