Tips & Tricks #5

Hello Minecraftians! I’m going to share a few more tips and tricks.

Tip #1 – You only need two buckets of water for an infinite water source.

An infinite water source is where you can take water out  from one water block using a bucket, and then it just refills itself from the water blocks next to it. First, mine a 1 by 3 by 1 hole in the ground. Then, place two buckets of water as the picture shows, and you will have an infinite water source. This is useful for the Skyblock mini-game since you have limited resources.

Infinite Water Source(

Tip #2 – Make a cobblestone base around your Nether portal in the Nether.

In the Nether, Ghasts can’t destroy cobblestone blocks with their fireballs, but they can disable portals. Build a base made of cobblestone around the portal you came through in order to protect it from the Ghasts.

Cobblestone Base around Nether Portal(

Tip #3 – X-ray vision

Trying to find a cave, but haven’t had any luck? Just push a glowstone block into your head. This sounds very violent, but all you have to do is put a glowstone block on the end of a piston and activate it so that the glowstone block goes into your head. When you do this, you can see everything underground.

X-Ray Glitch(

Tip#4 – Fireplace

Do you have a home built out of wood, but want a fireplace? No problem! Most of the time, when you build a house out of wood and light a fireplace, it will burn down, but all you have to do is experiment. To do this, recreate the area of the house that you want the fireplace in and test different ways to build a fireplace. Experiment with different materials that don’t light on fire in order to find a suitable fireplace that won’t burn your house down. Don’t let your house turn into this:



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