How This Blog is Different than I Had Ever Imagined It Would Be

Creepers Gonna Creep

Hello guys. Today my web design teacher asked me to write about how my blog has evolved since I first started it. I first started this blog eight months ago for a web design class. I basically only did it because it was an assignment for the class. However, now I really enjoy writing for this blog, and I not only do it as an assignment but for fun also. In the beginning, I thought that I would run out of ideas to talk about, but I am still able to find something to write about. I never thought that the blog would have an average of five views everyday. Last year I only had about 80 visitors, but this year I have already doubled that. I have views from over 30 different countries. Last year I only got views from 2 different countries. My vision for this blog has changed a lot because it has already surpassed my expectations. I plan to keep on talking about mini-games and tips & tricks as I run across them on the internet and as I play Minecraft. I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed and/or liked or even viewed my blog.

Keep on Minecrafting!

Keep Calm and Play Minecraft Like a Boss


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