Tips & Tricks #4

Hey guys! Today’s blog is about some more tips & tricks.

Tip #1 – Lava Traps

Have you ever wanted traps around your base against mobs? Just put down four pressure plates with lava in the middle like so:

Lava Trap(


Tip #2 – Never put a pressure plate outside a door.

If you put a pressure plate outside a door like this…

Pressure Plate Door(


…mobs can step on the pressure plate, open the door, and walk in your base.

Tip #3 – Water to get seeds

A good way to get seeds or harvest your farm is to put water on your farm. This destroys all of the grass or wheat and gives you the resources from it (i.e. harvested wheat and seeds). You can also use this to make an automatic farm by putting a water bucket in a dispenser and activate it by a redstone signal. This will place the water on the ground, and it will flow on to all of the wheat in your farm.



Tip #4 – Torches in a Cave

When you put torches down in a cave, always put them on the right side so that when you need to get out of the cave, you can just follow the torches on the left side.

Torches in Cave(


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Tips & Tricks #3

Hello Minecraftians! This blog is about some tips and tricks you might not have known.

Tip #1 – Bring a Chest

Always bring a chest whenever you go mining. Your inventory might get full with items that you don’t want to throw away.  A chest stores extra items you do not want to keep in your inventory but might want later.

Don’t be this guy with no chest:
Inventory Full(


Tip #2 – Moat

Build a moat around your house/fort to stop monsters. Never fill the moat with water because monsters will just swim across it. Your best choice is to fill it with lava as long as your house is not made out of wood.

Lava Moat(


Tip #3 – Bring a Door Underwater

Bring a door whenever you are trying to get sand, clay, or gravel underwater because the door allows an air space next to it since it doesn’t take up an entire block. That means you can go next to the door and get air so that you do not drown while you are gathering resources.

Door Underwater(


Tip #4 – Bunk Beds

If you don’t have enough room for two beds, and you and your friend are living together, make bunk beds. To make bunk beds, place two blocks down and then place the bed on top of the blocks. This will be the top bed. Then destroy the two blocks and put a bed where the blocks were. This is the bottom bed.

Bunk Beds(


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