Minecraft Furniture Ideas

Hello guys! Today I am going to give a few Minecraft furniture ideas. To make furniture in Minecraft, you just have to use certain blocks to make objects that look like real-life furniture.

Furniture #1 – Couch

To make a couch, all you need is two half slabs for the seat and six blocks of your choice for the back and sides. You can also extend the couch by just making it longer with more slabs and blocks. Here is a couch:


Furniture #2 – Table

All you need to make a table is two pressure plates (table top), two fences (table legs), and four stairs (two for each seat). The table can also be extended. Put it together like this:


Furniture #3 – Mirror

To make a mirror all you have to do is make two rooms that image each other. Then put glass or ice in between them. I have not personally done this but it looks pretty easy Like this:

Mirror( Mirror1(

Furniture #4 – Bed

All you need to make a bed is three quartz slabs (pillows), six wool of your choice (bedspread), and three blocks (mattress under pillows). The three blocks go underneath the quartz slabs. Build it like this:

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