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Hey guys! Today I am writing about Factions. It is not considered a mini-game because there is no time limit or ending to it, but it is on most servers. It is survival, but you make factions (teams) with other people and make a home base. You also have to try to raid other people’s bases. A lot of bases are covered by obsidian. You can’t break into the bases because factions can claim an area, so people who aren’t part of the faction can’t destroy/build in the claimed land. To destroy obsidian bases, you have to keep shooting them with TNT cannons. Some obsidian bases are also covered in water. This makes the TNT do less damage to the blocks of the base. You will also find a few bases covered in bedrock. This makes it impossible to raid the base. You can usually buy bedrock, but it will be very, very expensive. Most faction servers give you some items to start out with like armor, tools, food, blocks, and weapons. There are also kits that give you these things daily. Most servers allow you to donate for better kits and items. On most servers, there are also auctions run by the server where you can bid or auction your own items. To get money, usually you can vote using a link provided by the server or just sell your items. I think that everyone should at least try the game out. I enjoy it a lot.

This is what a good base looks like on the inside:

Factions Base(www.minecraftforum.net)

This is a TNT cannon:

TNT Cannon(www.planetminecraft.com)


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How This Blog is Different than I Had Ever Imagined It Would Be

Creepers Gonna Creep

Hello guys. Today my web design teacher asked me to write about how my blog has evolved since I first started it. I first started this blog eight months ago for a web design class. I basically only did it because it was an assignment for the class. However, now I really enjoy writing for this blog, and I not only do it as an assignment but for fun also. In the beginning, I thought that I would run out of ideas to talk about, but I am still able to find something to write about. I never thought that the blog would have an average of five views everyday. Last year I only had about 80 visitors, but this year I have already doubled that. I have views from over 30 different countries. Last year I only got views from 2 different countries. My vision for this blog has changed a lot because it has already surpassed my expectations. I plan to keep on talking about mini-games and tips & tricks as I run across them on the internet and as I play Minecraft. I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed and/or liked or even viewed my blog.

Keep on Minecrafting!

Keep Calm and Play Minecraft Like a Boss


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Minecraft Furniture Ideas

Hello guys! Today I am going to give a few Minecraft furniture ideas. To make furniture in Minecraft, you just have to use certain blocks to make objects that look like real-life furniture.

Furniture #1 – Couch

To make a couch, all you need is two half slabs for the seat and six blocks of your choice for the back and sides. You can also extend the couch by just making it longer with more slabs and blocks. Here is a couch:


Furniture #2 – Table

All you need to make a table is two pressure plates (table top), two fences (table legs), and four stairs (two for each seat). The table can also be extended. Put it together like this:


Furniture #3 – Mirror

To make a mirror all you have to do is make two rooms that image each other. Then put glass or ice in between them. I have not personally done this but it looks pretty easy Like this:

Mirror(minecraftfurniture.net) Mirror1(minecraftfurniture.net)

Furniture #4 – Bed

All you need to make a bed is three quartz slabs (pillows), six wool of your choice (bedspread), and three blocks (mattress under pillows). The three blocks go underneath the quartz slabs. Build it like this:

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Minecraft Opener( )

Hello guys, today’s blog is about Minecraft servers. A Minecraft server is a world that any player can get into using a chosen ip address. An ip address is pretty much your ticket into the server. There are websites dedicated to listing servers and their ip addresses. Most popular servers have a bunch of mini-games and the option to play normal survival. Survival on a server is just like playing single-player Minecraft except with other people. The difference between survival and mini-games is that mini-games only take about 20 minutes while survival goes on indefinitely. Each mini-game is in a different world. That means when you select a mini-game, you get teleported to that specific world. Survival is the same. You also have the ability to host a server, but you have to download a lot of software, or you can hire someone else to host one. The advantage to having your own server is that it could be profitable (people donate to the server) or you could keep it as a private server that only chosen people could join. The most popular servers have thousands of people on at a time. There is also a LAN server. LAN stands for Local Area Network. These servers only allow players to join if they are near the person hosting the LAN server. LAN servers only allow 20 people on at a time, while normal servers can hold hundreds of thousands of players. Any person with Minecraft can host a LAN server, which means you do not have to download a bunch of software. Here are a couple famous servers.

This is MinePlex (I have been on this server with 43,000 other players):

MinePlex Lobby

This is Minecraft Central:

Minecraft Central(PlanetMinecraft.com)
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Minecraft Skins

My name is Alec. I am Darren’s older brother. This week our Web Design teacher asked us to write a blog for someone else. So, I am writing a blog for Darren on Minecraft Skins. I usually write about weapons and their history on my blog. So, if you would like to check it out, here is the website: https://historicalevolutionofweapons.wordpress.com/ 

In the Minecraft world, you can change your skin to look like just about anyone.

These are the Marvel Avengers:MINECRAFTHere is Spider-man and some of the villains he fought:

MINECRAFT2 This guy is one of my favorites…Dead Pool:


These are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:


There are so many more that you can find.

MINECRAFT5The list of skins is just about endless.  You can find Halo characters, Mario and Luigi, an upside-down Steve, a creeper, a hoodlum, a football player, or even Assassin’s Creed characters.

If you would like to change your Minecraft skin you can get them from websites like:




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The History of Minecraft


This blog posting is about the history of Minecraft.

Markus Persson, or Notch, quit his job and first started designing Minecraft in July, 2009. Markus’ idea of Minecraft was puny compared to the vast game you play today. When he first started designing Minecraft, he called it the “Cave Game.” The game was about breaking and placing 3D blocks. After he was done designing the main part of the game, the next step was to add multi-player mode. Next was the survival mode meant to make the game feel dangerous. In July 2010, the official Team Fortress Two blog mentioned Minecraft and a PC Gamer interview made the game more popular. Later in 2010, Markus started work on a Halloween update. It got released that year on October 30th and added a few new blocks, pumpkins, fish, working clocks, and the ability to make a portal to go to the Nether. Not long after the Halloween update, all kinds of awards came rolling in. The game got the Indie Game of the Year from IndieDB and numerous awards from GDC. In February 2011, beds got introduced into Minecraft so that players could skip the dangerous night when monsters are out and about. In June 2011, the Adventure Update came. It included Enderman and a hunger meter. Minecraft was also available for download for Android devices in October. In December, Minecraft was available for IOS devices. Minecraft had gone mobile. Minecraft was officially released in November 2011 at the MineCon 2011. In that same month, Jens Bergensten, or Jeb, took over creative control of Minecraft. In May 2012, Minecraft was released for the XBox 360. It broke records by selling four million copies in five months! Minecraft is still getting updated all the time, and each update makes it better and better. Currently, Microsoft is buying Minecraft for 2.5 billion dollars. The bad thing about that is Notch will stop working with Mojang, which is really sad. The Minecraft we know today might be totally different in year or even a couple months after Microsoft buys the game.

Here are some statistics:

-About 30 people buy Minecraft on the PC/Mac a minute. That is a staggering 43,200 people a day!
-Around 5 people buy minecraft on all consoles a second. That is 423,000 people a day!
-In February 2014, Mincraft hit 100,000,000 sells.
-Minecraft makes $300,000 a day from sales.
-11,000 skins are downloaded a second.

The reason why so many people like Minecraft is that they can set their own achievements and create anything they want. Here are some awesome builds that people set their achievement bar high.

Minecraft lava Castle (www.pinterest.com)Taj Mahal(www.planetminecraft.com)
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