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Hello guys, today’s blog is about Minecraft servers. A Minecraft server is a world that any player can get into using a chosen ip address. An ip address is pretty much your ticket into the server. There are websites dedicated to listing servers and their ip addresses. Most popular servers have a bunch of mini-games and the option to play normal survival. Survival on a server is just like playing single-player Minecraft except with other people. The difference between survival and mini-games is that mini-games only take about 20 minutes while survival goes on indefinitely. Each mini-game is in a different world. That means when you select a mini-game, you get teleported to that specific world. Survival is the same. You also have the ability to host a server, but you have to download a lot of software, or you can hire someone else to host one. The advantage to having your own server is that it could be profitable (people donate to the server) or you could keep it as a private server that only chosen people could join. The most popular servers have thousands of people on at a time. There is also a LAN server. LAN stands for Local Area Network. These servers only allow players to join if they are near the person hosting the LAN server. LAN servers only allow 20 people on at a time, while normal servers can hold hundreds of thousands of players. Any person with Minecraft can host a LAN server, which means you do not have to download a bunch of software. Here are a couple famous servers.

This is MinePlex (I have been on this server with 43,000 other players):

MinePlex Lobby

This is Minecraft Central:

Minecraft Central(
Pictures from:

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